Wise Owl Marketing Communications is driven by providing affordable, factual based marketing strategies for businesses which are seeking to build long lasting relationships using effective communication techniques.


Wise Owl Marketing Communications is a freelance marketing consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia.

Hiring a Marketing and Communications consult has a huge range of benefits and can offer you the focused customer service needed. Wise Owl Marketing has the key skills and knowledge in consumer behaviour and the marketing processes. This includes having the ability to identify target markets whilst positioning your product or service in a ways that will interest your consumers. 

In today’s busy society, most business do not have the time they would like to focus on marketing strategies and communication techniques. Daily pressures of business logistics occupy business time. Wise Owl Marketing works collaboratively in using innovative communication avenues to target your audience and get the results. 



Ebony McCarthy specialises in tailored marketing and communication strategies for businesses in and around Melbourne. Wise Owl Marketing offers a complete agency experience by assisting to reach key objectives and differentiate from competitors.

More than just giving a hoot...


Digital Media Marketing

Wise Owl Marketing embraces the requirements that are essential to creating a powerful force in the digital world. Every business has a story and it's important to tell that story in your words.

Wise Owl Marketing provides the crucial tools for you to do this through multiple engagement design for web, social media, print and mentoring. Wise Owl Marketing focuses on ensuring full integration between all areas of your digital marketing strategy to showcase your business goals through a user friendly online experience.


Social Marketing

Wise Owl Marketing lives in the digital world. Building community networks, responsive web presence and meaningfully, long-lasting relationship is the main approach. Wise Owl Marketing creates and exceeds social media strategies which hits your engagement benchmarks, branding strategy and inspires interaction, conversation with your targeted social media audience.

Wise Owl Marketing recognises social media engagement as an intrinsic element of your business operations and online strategy. Business goals and objectives at the top of the core values in any project being delivered.


Strategy and Campaign

Wise Owl Marketing drives tactics and strategies which consider public landscape and the intended impact on the targeted audiences.

Creating impacting marketing campaigns requires strategy through uniquely designed marketing materials which are actioned across a variety of associated mediums and are all developed in correlation with each other under the one consulting service.

Wise Owl Marketing is here to assist or completely reconstruct a comprehensive marketing strategy which highlights your marketing objectives, situation analysis, strengths, opportunities and budgeting techniques.

Research is the heart for any business who wants to make a sound decisions on customers and stakeholder investment. Before you adopt any change, it pays to measure risk and opportunity. In order to build an accurate portrait of consumer perceptions, market size, path to purchase, media and key influences, Wise Owl Marketing works with clients on creating a factual based strategy which provides confidence and intelligent business growth.

Wise Owl Marketing research consists of; Gathering market information, demographic and geographic facts, technological uses, segmentation and trends, detailed media analysis, competitor analysis, service/product awareness and website analysis which adapts to budget and gets results.



Branding is more than a visual image or logo, it’s a relationship between you and your customers. In today's hustle and bustle, brand overload has created competition for individual’s attention and brand positioning opportunities have become of much sort after value.

Wise Owl Marketing entertains contemporary change. As customers are now more empowered through social media, more industry choices and better informed, it's important to innovate brand revitalisation strategies that are more direct and connected across multiple communications channels. 

Wise Owl Marketing strategies are designed to embrace emotional, functional and motivating facades of a brand position and develop a story for your business and brand image.



Advertising is always present, though people may not be aware of it. In today's world, advertising uses every possible media to get its message through. Marketing channels are new, innovative, fluid and highly digital. Wise Owl Marketing converts targeted ideas and concepts to create the visuals, text, layouts and themes to communicate with the user.

Wise Owl Marketing knows consumers are highly educated and informed, and are extremely judgemental about these channels, so effective advertising requires high quality efforts to get the best results.



Eye catching graphic design is a highly efficient way of communicating a marketing message visually. It is not just an artwork, but something involving an immense deal of strategic thinking. This includes factors like colours, shapes, fonts, photographs and diagrams, which can all graphically communicate a marketing message. Wise Owl Marketing combines the mix together to communicate a consistent, powerful message.

Most marketing methods used today requires some form of graphic design whether it is websites, print media, digital media, animation and product design, among others. Wise Owl Marketing inspires a compelling graphic design style, which can be used throughout all your marketing is the goal.


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